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HR Module

Know your people and make them better.


  • Hiring Process
  • Employee Administration
  • Compliance & Documentation

Save yourself from needing to remember every applicant and interview – PestMate has you covered. Track an applicant’s hiring and onboarding process as well as all the documents and paperwork that correspond to their role.


  • Sales Tracking
  • Training
  • Performance Evaluation

Know where and how your people perform. Track sales, quality of accounts sold, and KPI’s. Know in what areas your people excel and put them in the positions that allow them to add value. Provide and track training internally for each employee and allow them more opportunities within your organization.


  • Time Clock
  • Attendance and PTO Tracking
  • Advanced Servicing Payroll

Track hours worked to the exact minute. Ensure your employees are on time and actively engaged in their seats or out in the field. Manage “satellite” technicians and office personnel. Calculate payroll any way you want. Whether based on hours worked, services performed, re-services completed, commissions, and/or percentage paid on servicing price. PestMate has it in the HR module.