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Reports Module

There’s nothing quite like it.


  • Financial Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Sales Reports

With a layered approach PestMate reports are at least 10Xs more powerful than any pest control reporting software out there. Simply click on a report put in the necessary filters and run it. Or better yet have it automated so that it runs itself and is sent to you daily, weekly, or monthly. Heck even check it out hourly if you want to. Know exactly what your business is doing on all fronts all the time.


  • Service Reports
  • HR Reports
  • Inventory Reports

What are your service ratios for each service type? What do your employees need help with? How much product do you need to order this month? What were your re-service percentages last month? So much important information to know and track, so why not let PestMate do it for you. Just drag it to your Performance Ticker and see it on your Task Page. Know the health of your business and never be “business blind” again.